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Interview#4 Hair stylist ; Yoshitaka EZAKI




Mr EzakiYou know, in my case my monthly income first surpassed two million Yen (about US$ 20,000) when I was around 23.


Interviewer:W-what? You must be kidding!


Mr EzakiEarning more than two million Yen each month while still being in the first half of one’s twenties is something you would usually consider impossible, right?


Interviewer:Even supposing you’re not a hair stylist but someone who went through college and got employed by some major company, earning that much that early is very unlikely.


Mr EzakiEven when working for a company with favorable wage structures, doesn't exceeding two million Yen just with your monthly income seem insane?


Interviewer:Absolutely. Even if you are older than 50, earning that much is pretty difficult, I think.


Mr EzakiExactly. This isn’t even limited to hair stylists. I believe that opportunities for your work to bear fruit while you are still young also exist in many other occupations, and that it is extremely important for us to raise the standards. That’s the cause I’m working for, right now and in this industry.




1. Limitations the beauty industry has to cope with

2. Mr. Ezaki’s Hundred-Year Plan

  A. Demolishing the boundaries of the beauty industry

  B. Raising the standards of the whole industry

3. Projects aiming to make fields of the beauty industry flourish

  A. Japan Seven Project

  B. Last Friday Events



Mr Ezaki's profile


Born in 1985, in Nagasaki. First he worked at major salon, after one and half a year he was allowed to became a "stylist", which means he started cutting people's hair.Then he has own hair salon "grico" in 2009.

via ビューティーを創る10人 : キャリアガイダンス : リクルート進学総研 is grico's website


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1. Limitations the beauty industry has to cope with


  For around a hundred years ago up to now, hair stylists had to get by on cutting, dying, and making perms to make a livelihood. First however, allow me to explain why the earnings in this trade didn’t increase as much until recently. 


  Starting in 1999, the television show “Scissor’s league”, in which the best hair stylists of the greater Tokyo area competed against each other, was able to gather some popularity. It was because of this that the so-called “Charisma hair stylists” emerged from inside the beauty industry. The appearance of this ideal existence for people to aspire toward made a really big impact, I believe. I can say this because, with the emergence of the first “Charisma hair stylists”,  many other hair stylists aiming to become one of them were sure to appear and invigorate the industry in the process. Also, the number of people wanting to become hair stylists and planning to enter the hair dressing industry grew by an overwhelming amount at that time. The influence this exerted was really astonishing, and I hold in high esteem those pioneers who established a position to strife for within our industry.  Although, you would be mistaken to think that just because the people of the next generation continued working with this attitude as well, today everything was going well. 


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